Emotions impact the customer behavior more than anything else

What is it that brings some customers back time after time? How can we get satisfied customers to recommend our services and how can we ensure that customer disappointments can be turned into positive experiences and loyal customers? It is only by understanding the emotions evoked during the customer experiences that we can influence them and the reasons behind them.

VibeVision® is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand tool that can be used to measure not only customer emotions but also the reasons behind them. Emotion data can be readily combined with other customer data, and this enables the more accurate tracking and profiling of customers and customer behavior as well as the development of customer experience.

The data provided by the emotion indicator also helps the users to consider the kinds of emotions they wish to arouse in customers in the future and how to make it happen. VibeVision® provides an insight into the emotions. Emotion impact on customer loyalty, willingness to purchase, and willingness to recommend. In this way, you can make use of emotion data in developing your business.