Employee well-being and motivation ensure that their customers become stars

Employee Experience and employee satisfaction have recently been recognized as being among the key factors to business success. Motivated employees work with enthusiasm and having satisfied employees means having satisfied customers.

VibeVision® enables you to measure how your employees are feeling on a continual basis or you can use this tool as part of an employee survey. In addition to being aware of employees' feelings, it is also important to know the reasons behind these feelings so that the results can be properly exploited as part of an employee development strategy.

What are the emotions that we should be able to bring about in our employees? There is no single unambiguous answer to this question. However, once we know where the organization stands in terms of progress and the direction we wish to go, it is possible to evaluate whether we want to motivate the employees to take part in the change, create a sense of security after major upheavals or engage the employees and turn them into true brand ambassadors.

In addition to measuring, the analysis services offered by VibeVision also provide data on the kinds of emotions that motivate, engage or create a sense of security. The best benefit is to be gained when you combine data on your employees' emotions with existing data on matters such as employee turnover, absences due to sickness or performance meters used in the company.