Decisions are made 70% based on emotions

Whether you are buying new shoes or insurance, comparing the job adverts from two interesting companies, or wandering around at a trade fair comparing what the various exhibitors have to offer, as much as half of the experiences are based on emotions.

Emotions greatly affect not only the purchasing decision itself, but also how satisfied and loyal customers are, and how willing they are to purchase or recommend the services. VibeVision™ has been developed to provide your business with reliable and easy-to-understand information: what kinds of emotions are involved in your customers' transaction experience, and why.

Measuring emotions is the most effective way to measure the experience

The most effective way to measure an emotion is to ask the person, what he or she is feeling at that moment. Not only does self-reflection give the quickest response, it also reveals how an individual experiences his or her own emotions. Emotions can also be easily diluted, and consequently it is important to measure an emotion at the very moment it is on!

However, measurement simplified in this way is not enough. For this reason, we have developed the VibeVision™ tool that enables a person to easily select the emotion that best describes his or her emotional state and to also explain the reason behind it.

Although emotions are of interest simply for the reason how much they influence our actions, different emotions also correlate with customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, willingness to make purchases, and motivation. What emotions should your company arouse to get your customers to recommend your business and improve your NPS?
Satisfied customers recommending your business are one of the factors impacting on business growth. A 7% growth in NPS performance translates into approximately a 1% growth in net sales (London School of Economics).

Only by knowing the emotions can you manage them

What emotions should we then aim to arouse? Different emotions affect us in different ways - some motivate us to act, others get us to engage, and then there are those that destroy our experience. However, only measuring at the positive-negative level is not enough; we need to understand what kinds of emotions are actually evoked by our experience and what actions they cause among our customers or employees.

VibeVision® not only measures the emotions created by an experience, as our analysis service also provides an understanding of what lines behind the emotions. What kind of experience it is that you want to deliver to your customers, event guests or employees? What are the emotions in line with that experience and how they can be achieved?

Do you want to increase your customers' interest in new products, engage them, or turn them into brand ambassadors? Different emotions correlate with each of these, and only by being aware of and understanding them are you able to formulate the best possible experience for each of them - not only for the business, but also for its customers, event participants or employees. 

What is VibeVision?

VibeVision® is an emotion indicator that can help measure emotions during a Customer Experience, a Participant Experience as well as during an Employee Experience in the daily running of your business.

VibeVision® is based on a scientific way of segregating our emotions and it has been developed in co-operation with Tampere University of Technology to meet the very needs of encounter measurement.

The result is a simple way of measuring and analyzing, which enables us not only to capture the emotions invoked during individuals' experiences, but also the reasons behind them. The information obtained can be combined with customer information that the company already has and in this way make it genuinely useful for improving business, i.e. developing the customer journey map, the customer experience or employee experience as well as brand identity.

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