Emotions are the key to memorable event experiences

The food was good, and the keynote presentation was rated 4.5/5.

A successful event, great!

But did you learn if the event really achieved its goal? Were the participants motivated to try a company's new product? Were they excited by the new business ideas or were the staff committed to the company's new strategy?

VibeVision® provides in-depth and on-time data about the participants' experience at the event. It is a simple way to get behind the experience and to measure the success of the event from an entirely new perspective.

At the Event the key to having a valuable insight of the experience is to know exactly when to measure. At the events, we've used SMS or emails to find out how do the participants feel before the event and what expectations do they have. We've used QR-codes or links while the event is on to measure the experience hot on the spot and to manage it online. After the event, it is necessary to have feedback instantly - this will guarantee you a better response rate together with more valuable results, as the emotions have not yet faded away.

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