Customer Experience (CX) has been a bubbling word in business for some time now. We all already know how valuable a good CX is for the business and what value it brings to the bottom line. A few years back the word Employee Experience (EX) joined the club, alongside CX, these two help to measure and explain why are other companies performing better than the other ones. The new KPI's had been set.

The importance of CX and EX is highlighted more and more. However, the way we understand these two concepts is changing. When some years ago CX meant getting the service on time or having a broken product replaced, meant good EX having a free coffee in the office. Now they are understood much deeper and holistically - and we need new methods to measure and understand them better.

Emotions are making their way to the business life and not in vain. Whether we want it or not, emotions do affect our decision-making-process more than anything. The decisions like: which product to buy or for which company to work for, are also something we are deciding with the help of the emotions - no matter how much would we love to consider ourselves as rational human beings.

World Economic Forum has stated that Emotional Intelligence or EI will be among the 20 key components, in top 6 actually, in the future success for business. We believe that this is the time to shift the glaze from plane satisfaction surveys to a deeper understanding of the experience. 

Are you ready for the new era?