It’s nice to measure, but it’s even nicer to use the results


When we finally decide that we want no measure our performance and the experience that the company is delivering to its customers or employees, how can we make sure that we can truly utilize the results?

By measuring the right things, I would say.

Easier said than done. Nope.

Measurement and analyzing tools, combined with artificial intelligence, have come a huge way and are very accessible nowadays. We can see all kind of different dashboards and reports with the cool and impressive charts. But the real question is, what then?

At VibeVision we want to keep the measurement and surveys as simple as possible, for both the company and the customer or employee answering them. But also, we want to make sure that the measurement is as informative as possible. And this is why when designing, analyzing and comparing the results we need to look deeper in to the purpose of the business, not only the average Net Promoter Scores in the industry.

What kind of experience we want to deliver in the coffee shop experience, for example? What kind of experience correlates with the high recommendation rate or more money spend? What kind of customers are more likely to come again and how likely will they recommend the cafeteria?

A lot of questions, yes. But imagine, that you can not only know what kind of experience does your customers have, but why they are having it, how can we make it better and how does it correlate with the bottom line.

Sounds good, right? And we're here to make it happen!