Stepping ahead of the competition even during these tough times


This spring has been tough for all of us, that goes without saying. At work we have to adopt to the changes happening in the society and the economy, and in our personal life we have to learn to live with the new normal.

To survive and maybe even succeed in the future, businesses need to retain the loyalty of the employees and our customers. We have to be even better in understanding their needs and concerns.

The only way to improve is to understand. The only way to understand is to ask.

I believe that the new normal brings us to the edge of new ways of understanding. We need to have new ways of measuring the values that are in the core of every business.

We know that companies who invest in customer experience are ahead of their competitors. Emotions are in the core of the experience, and emotional connection is crucial in customer experience.

And same goes with employee experience.

Happiness or even satisfaction is not only the absence of negative emotions. It is much more complex and we need to be understanding the experience in it least three levels: how did the experience make us feel, why is that and then we can bring more variables to understand the experience even more - who is the customer or employee, how he or she will most likely be behaving in the future.

Our mission is to help our clients to understand. The outcome of the measurement should be the desire or need to change - to improve or to retain the good.