The difference between listening and hearing - just measuring and using the data


These days in our everyday-life, we measure everything. I mean everything. From the calories that we eat to the steps, we take, from the amount of cash flow to the business divided by each customer segment to the number of clicks in this marketing email.

I personally love to measure all of those things! Just today, I started my day by examining my sleeping scores from my smartwatch. But I do also believe that yet another measuring tool and new dashboard should really give businesses the value that can be utilized straight to the business development and seen in the bottom line. But how do we make sure that all the data gathering and all those valuable customer and employee feedbacks do not go into waste - how to make sure that the data is really used and brought into life?

My sleep score from last night was 68, by the way - could be better, right? But what does a single score tell me? What could I do better? To improve it, should I be going to bed earlier, worry less, so I would have more hours of deep sleep? Or maybe, 68 is a pretty good result, and I should not worry about improving it in the first place?

Our purpose in VibeVision is to help you not only listen to your customers and employees but hear them. To ensure that their experience and the reasons behind the emotions are highly valued and taken into action. Emotional experience tells us more of the customer and employee experience than anything, and it can be used as KPI, for sure.

But this KPI is something that is indeed the voice of customers or employees, not only a KPI that is used to communicate success to the outside world. Our mission is to help companies build an emotional connection with customers and employees. And the first step in doing that is to gain information and to understand it.

Tonight I'll drink a cup of camomille tea (or wine, it's Friday after all!) before going to bed. Let's see how that will affect the sleeping scores on my watch.