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Previously I wrote that customers', and in our case participants', emotions are in the center of my attention. Emotions are interesting yes, important, yes - but what next? 50% of customer experience consists of emotions, but how can we concretely do the measurement of the emotions itself and what is the impact of emotions to the business?

Two days and over 1000 participants in one investment even in Helsinki. You can certainly feel the good atmosphere of the event. There are smaller info sessions, talk show seminar, short film studio, tasty buffet and informal interaction and networking. This all sounds nice, but what exactly is the outcome of all this - for the participants and for...

The question often asked is what actually is Customer Experience (CX), where does it start and where does it end? We are drawing customer journey maps indicating the touchpoints with customer and anticipating customers aims, thoughts and feelings throughout the journey. Not forgetting what's happening before and after the experience itself.